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10CCLO | Showdates
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26th Sept - Dumfries Theatre Royal - To Be Advised
17th Oct - Customs House, South Shields - - To Be Advised
24th Oct - Guiseley Theater - To Be Advised
6th November - Bacup Royal Theatre - To Be Advised
13th November - Carnegie Theatre, Workington - To Be Advised
29th Dec - The Forum, Darlington
29th January- The Brindley Theatre - Runcorn
30th Jan 2021 - The Forum Theatre, Barrow
6th Feb 2021 - Stockton Georgian Theater
27th Feb 2021 - Melbourne Festival
6th March 2021 - Bishop Auckland Town Hall
19th/20th March 2021 - Washington Arts Centre
17th April - Carnegie Theatre, Dunfermline
24th April 2021 - Penrith Theatre