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10CCLO | About 10CCLO
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About 10CCLO

Old Wild Men!

Who Are We?

Remember these? Dreadlock Holiday, Mr Blue Sky, I’m Mandy Fly me, Livin’ Thing, Evil Woman, The Things We Do for Love, Wild West Hero, Life is a Minestrone, Art for Art’s Sake, Turn To Stone, I’m not in Love, Roll Over Beethoven, Rubber Bullets… Just a few among the many massive hits that make up the timeless repertoire of 10CC and The Electric Light Orchestra.

The songs of 10cc and ELO are worldwide rock classics that over the passing decades have remained in the hearts of millions of fans… and in the hearts of the musicians that make up the only tribute band in the world to these 2 incredible bands from the last 4 decades.

We don’t dress up or put on wigs to look like the original artists, we do however bring the musical quality of both bands to life with hit after hit, fantastic video visuals and a good bit of banter thrown in for good measure. You are a guaranteed a great night to remember!

Join us at our next show soon!

How Did We Get Here?

Way back in 2000, Our Drummer Kevin advertised for like minded musicians to form what was to become the only “Tribute to Progressive Rock” in Europe, being a tribute to the genre rather than one particular band. Being a huge Prog fan Roy Clinton promptly responded and within a couple of weeks, Roy brought onboard Paul Boydell who he knew from a Wishbone Ash covers band. At this time we couldn’t find a singer so Kev drummed and sang the whole show for over a year until Paul “Moose” Harris joined in 2003. Other musicians came and went and in 2004 (I think) John Lewis joined on keys.

This was the beginning of band friendships that would last right up to date. The band rehearsed hard and gigged at venues and festivals in the North East regularly for 9 years eventually splitting in 2010 for what was to be a 5-year hiatus. A short return stint of “The Progs” in 2014 saw the eventual formation of Rubber Bullets, which was as a lifelong 10cc fan was an idea Kev toyed with for years.

The band hit the road in August 2015 to a great reception. As well as the major hits we also played a number of REALLY difficult album tracks such as Somewhere in Hollywood. Just as the band was getting into their stride our guitarist-singer left the band without warning and with gigs we couldn’t fulfil.  After a couple of fruitless months trying to find someone who could play guitar and sing plus had a passion for all things 10CC, we decided that it was never gonna happen so an alternative was hatched and 10CCLO was born.

John, Being a massive ELO fan since childhood and realising the massive technical hurdles involved in recreating the huge orchestral sounds of the band, nevertheless threw himself into the project with massive enthusiasm as we all did.

In Jan 2017 we brought in a friend and fan from our Prognosis days Nick Lawrance, Nick is a stellar Violinist, percussionist and all round nice chap!

Still looking for that elusive frontman singer to round off the band nicely, Nick suggested his friend and musical compadre Shaun Henderson who he knew was a massive 10cc fan and sure enough Shaun was convinced!

Fast forward to July 2017 and the band is going great guns, a raft of top notch shows under our belt and many more to come in 2017 and 18, this band is going places, so keep an eye out for us at a venue near to you soon!