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10CCLO | Testimonials
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I'm a huge 10CC fan (along with my family). We were brought up on them and love any opportunity to see them live. I was a bit sceptical at going along to a "tribute" band as I thought you couldn't beat the "real thing" How wrong could I be!! To say you guys rocked the stage was an understatement. Your harmonies, your precision with the beat, your musical abilities, your enthusiasm, your banter.... astounding!! I also didn't realise how much I love ELO too. Can't wait to see you guys again! Live music at its best!!

Jemma Landels

Was fantastic and everyone commenting at the interval and afterwards was raving about you. What a fantastic set list you have to choose from too. See you again hopefully.

Ian Beresford

So enjoyed your entertainment  tonight. You're a very talented group of lads, putting your own wee twist on some of the old familiar tunes. Hubby and I so enjoyed ourselves, as did our daughters , who we raised to appreciate " proper music." . Keep up the good work , we look forward to the next time.

Lib Windram

Pulling off a convincing imitation of (in my opinion) not one but 2 of the best pop-rock bands Britain has produced in the last 40 years today is no mean task, but you guys proved you are more than capable of doing just that, Fantastic!

Paul Kerrigan

Thanks, guys, I really enjoyed your show at the Maltings on Saturday. I am a huge 10cc fan and you guys really do look and sound fantastic! Looking forward to the next show, can you do Old Wild Men, one of my favorite songs!


Paul Connor

We would like to express our thoughts on your Saturday night show @ The Maltings. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves leaving at the end of the evening with that "feel good " factor.
Your performance came across in a polished and really professional way that told us you all really enjoy what you do.
Before moving to the North East almost three years ago from the West Midlands, we regularly went to many tribute shows, 10cclo is right up there with the best of them.
I read that you are planning to expand the venues you cover (You deserve to be getting the better venues ) so I don't know if the Midlands is an area you would consider, but a couple of venues we used to visit were the Alexandra theatre Birmingham and The Robin 2 @ Bilston, the Alex does quite a few 'one off' shows, and the Robin specialises in tribute bands. Thanks again for a terrific Saturday night, and look forward to seeing you all again and we wish you every success for the future

David J Jones

Hi Lads,

I've been meaning to contact you to let you know how much me and my two mates enjoyed your gig at Whittles in Oldham on 26th May. We were originally due to watch you in Bolton a while earlier (we were drawn to your brilliant name!) but the gig was cancelled so we thought we'd kill two with one and make our first visit to Oldham while gambling on some quality music. Well, the gamble certainly paid off as you were excellent! We've seen some quality tribute acts down the years (Bruce, Rush, Floyd etc) but we all agreed that you were up there with the very best and deserved to be showcasing your considerable talents on a bigger stage. We were most impressed with the clarity of the sound (the mixing desk work was excellent), the difficult 10cc vocals (which you nailed) and the whole ELO thing which you did so well to achieve within the obvious musical constraints imposed. Good luck with your forthcoming gigs and we'll be looking to see you again next time you're in orbit around the Manchester area as you're definitely not the worst band in the world!


Craig Les and Mark

Simply outstanding. Incredible.
The sheer professionalism and dedication of this band to perfectly recreate the sound of 10CC & ELO is simply jaw dropping. I've never heard anything like it. Beyond brilliant. Superb.

Ronnie Smith

A Superb night at Middleton Cricket Club on Friday night lads. Thank you for coming down here and for a worthy cause too. I'm a huge ELO fan (well a slim 5`11 ha!) and a big 10cc fan too and can say that you are easily the best tribute I have seen in ages! Cheers you lot and hope to see you again soon.

David Kay

10cclo live in Middleton, Manchester Friday Sept 8th, 2017

Our event last night needed to be spot on as it was a Memorial Day for one of our players. We needed a professional band who would appeal to all audiences and have the highest levels of Musicianship. Having seen them in Oldham and spoken with them , I knew they would not let us down.

Arriving 5 hours before curtain up, a rigorous sound check conducted by top level techie Chris for 90 minutes, only then would the band be ready to go. Appealing to all ages ? well there was a 6 year old dancing at the front in several numbers and my 84 year old mother rocking at the back.

The 6 band members are professionals with several of them indeed being full time music teachers. The sound is that authentic, that several in the audience couldn't believe this was a live act. With the combination of the songs of both 10cc and ELO it means that it is hit after hit. Opening up with All Over the World , lead singer Shaun had a superb vocal range , fully at ease with the complex writings of Jeff Lynne and 10cc. Also look out for Shaun's dry wit as he chats with the audience between numbers.

Visually the effects are stunning, with a collection of instruments costing well over five figures, a brilliant lighting set and an on the spot master technician monitoring every number, visually this was superb. However there is more to come , as the band now have a screenshow that will be projected for future gigs.

A couple of numbers are undertaken by drummer Kevin taking lead vocals and he hits all the right notes in "I'm not in Love" and "Donna"., two of the most difficult songs to sing. With two superb guitarists in Paul and the vastly experienced Roy plus the recently recruited violinist Nick ( who adds so much to the ELO numbers ), all the angles are covered. However there is one key component still remaining and like the rest of the band this guy is a musical genius, John Lewis.

For those old enough to remember ELO mid 70's there would be a 5 piece string section. Indeed there have been many instances since , when Jeff Lynne has toured with a full Orchestra to get the true ELO sound. The only way to get around this is if you have a genius on keyboard/organ/synth who can replicate many of the sounds. John Lewis is indeed that man, an absolute star , one you could just spend the whole night watching perform. He is a highly trained pianist , he delivers and like the rest of the band provides some pitch perfect backing vocals. We mustn't forget the sound man Chris who stepped up and gave a superb vocal performance himself and left those dancing at the front in greater raptures.

A fantastic two hours plus, of the greatest hits, and people I'd never met before were coming up to me demanding when would they be coming back !!!! Meanwhile at 12pm the band were preparing for a three and a half hour return journey to Newcastle, such is their commitment. For myself I will make a similar journey early November to catch the band in Coventry.

The final word though goes to the parents of the boy who died so young and in whose memory the event was held. His mum commented that for such a special occasion they wanted the best and in her opinion they certainly got the best in 10cclo

Phil Hamnett